A passionate and dedicated team

We invite you to come and take advantage of the experience of our 3D ultrasound specialists and to obtain the highest image quality possible. Our technicians will offer you a one of a kind experience by giving a detailed explanation of what you will be viewing with simplicity. All your questions will be answered in order to ensure that your very first moment with your child is a memorable one. Our mission is to go above and beyond your expectations and to offer you the best service you will not find anywhere else.

Experience an unforgettable moment

Bébévizion is a state of the art ultrasound clinic which offers a spa like zen atmosphere to provide the best possible experience ever. Our objective is to have you enjoy an unforgettable moment during your pregnancy with your loved ones, while we concentrate on Mommy and Baby’s well being.

Bébévizion stands out from it’s competetors due to our philosophy, our personalised service, our modern installations, and our location in the Monteregie area which makes us accessible to a large population.

Bébévizion Technicien